Lesson 4: Getting Clear on Your Customer

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Sample Worksheet - Total About Page Makeover.pdf

Remember how I said your About Page is not actually about YOU? It’s actually about the reader, so the better you understand your customer, the better you’ll be at speaking right to them through your About page.

Your ideal customer is the person you had in mind when you started your business. It’s that person who will benefit the most from what you have to offer. So think about him or her as we make our way through this section.

So first, we’re going to work on really identifying who this person is. If you haven’t done this for your business yet, you’re in for a treat! Not only will this exercise help you craft a killer About page, but it also creates a whole lot of clarity around your business in general.

First, the basics demographics. This is the gender, age, geographic location, and income level of your perfect customer.

Form a picture in your head of the person who would get the most value from your business – what do they look like, how old are they, where do the live – what city, neighborhood, and type of house, how much money do they make?

Now we’re really going to dig in. What does this person like to do in their free time? What are their hobbies and interests? Who do they like to hang out with? What books or blogs do they read, if any, or movies they would watch? If you have a clear understanding of what your customer enjoys, you’ll be able to speak their language much better!

Finally, the tougher one – their values. What are the most important things in life for this person? What do they value in a business like yours? At this point, some people define “good value” or “cheapest price” as something their ideal customer would value. I’m not going to get too into all that since it’s could be a whole other course, but for now, let’s dig deeper than that.

For example, your customer might be super busy with their career but also value staying fit. If you could explain that you provide exactly what they’re looking for in a way that resonates with them, how much it cost will move further down the list of objections to working with you!