Lesson 3: All About About Pages

To work through this lesson, watch the video below.

Beneath the video is a transcript of the lesson, if reading is more your thing.

Guess what? Your About Page is actually NOT about you or your business! It’s about the person reading your about page. At the moment they start reading this page, they’re trying to figure out if what you do or sell will help them… or not.

So before you even write one word of anything, let’s all pause and make sure that we’ve actually made it super easy on the reader to even find this crucial information your business. When it comes to websites, clear is better than clever. Make sure the link to this page is easy to find in main navigation of your site, and call it something obvious like About or Meet the Team.. whatever suits your business best.

Make your mark on the page with your name and picture. It’s unbelievable how quickly people will forget you, so help them put a face to the name. The goal of your About page is to make every potential customer feel like they’ve already met you. The words and pictures you choose to use is what makes your About page memorable.

Since your About page is basically meeting each reader virtually, we’re going to make sure your personality shines through. We’ll dig into this more later in the course, but just know as we get started here that I recommend writing like you speak. Avoid fancy jargon words and corporate speak. You even have permission to make a joke or two if you’re funny.